Driver of the month: Benoît Farine

What does the Saint-Ursanne-Les Rangiers Race mean to you?

She is one of the most beautiful races in the Championship, very fast and technical. I go there every year with a different approach than the other races. It is experienced with incredible intensity.

What is the highlight?

We don't really realize it, but it is still extraordinary that this race close to us is part of the European Hill Climb Championship. We get to see renowned drivers and exceptional cars there.

What advice would you give to an opponent?

To my opponents, I would say to brake several times on the way up 😉

Seriously though, you really need to maintain speed at each key point like the Grippon garage, the Maran… and that sets the pace for the entire climb. For the driver starting at Rangiers, it's important to first get to know the course and not scare yourself on the first climbs. You should focus more on the lines than the times.