Track marshals play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the race. These dedicated individuals are strategically positioned along the track to monitor the race and respond swiftly to any incidents that may occur. Their primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety of both drivers and spectators.

Throughout the race, track marshals keep a watchful eye on the track, looking out for any debris, mechanical failures, or collisions. In the event of an accident or unsafe conditions, they are the first to react, deploying color-coded flags to communicate with drivers.

Additionally, track marshals assist in the extraction of drivers from their vehicles in case of an emergency, coordinate the deployment of safety vehicles, and work seamlessly with the race control team to implement race procedures. Their quick and coordinated efforts are essential in minimizing downtime and ensuring the swift resolution of any incidents.



Portrait of Michel Leclerc

Stewards Manager

Michel Leclerc

Portrait of Dominique Rollat


Dominique Rollat